Need Breastfeeding Tips?

  • Begin breastfeeding as soon after delivery as possible.
  • Nurse your baby at least 10 times in each 24 hours, starting on the first day of life.
  • Keep your baby where you can watch for feeding cues, such as: hand/finger sucking, putting his/her fists to cheeks, “open mouth searching.”
  • Try different positions to find the ones that work best for you & your baby.
  • Ask someone knowledgeable to observe a few feedings to check for proper positioning. This will help to prevent sore nipples, and increase your milk supply.
  • If you are unable to breastfeed your baby right away, be sure to pump your milk regularly, to increase, and maintain your milk supply.
  • Listen carefully for your baby to make swallowing sounds, while you nurse.
  • Nighttime feedings are an important part of breastfeeding. Nursing often, and not letting too much time pass between feedings, will continue to send the message to your breasts to make more milk.

Breastfeeding Information & Support