Welcome to Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network!

Our mission is to improve pregnancy and birth outcomes and to support the health and development of all individuals and families.

Our Vision

To accomplish this we educate our communities, connect individuals and families to health and other services, advocate for system improvements, and partner with other agencies, government and providers to strengthen families.

We focus on every element of care, from the individual to the health care system to policymakers. For over 25 years, we have been at the forefront of innovative strategies, serving as a trusted resource and authority in maternal and child health care.

Our vision is that all babies are born healthy and families are strengthened by a supportive community!

Philosophy & Goals

Our philosophy is based on the concept that there are eight levels of intervention in community development to ensure successful prevention partnerships:

  • Strengthening individual knowledge
  • Promoting community education
  • Educating providers, fostering coalitions and networks
  • Changing organizational practices
  • Influencing policy and legislation
  • Minimizing barriers
  • Ensuring that affordable and appropriate services are accessible to pregnant women, infants and all individuals and families
  • Establishing public/private partnerships for coordinated community based care