Our Goal Is For All Babies To Be Born Healthy & Stay Healthy for Life

We work with agencies and providers throughout the south-central NY region, monitoring data and listening to women and families so that we can continuously be aware of the changing needs or issues for our region and assure appropriate education and supportive services.

Community Health Workers

Our Community Health Workers (CHW) are individuals who are trained to help women of child-bearing age and their families with any health care or related issues they may have which could impact their reproductive health in general, their pregnancy and/or care of their infant. Our CHWs can lend help & support to any woman of child bearing age at our office, in a public place or even in the home.

Call to register: 607-772-0517 x 122  or email: healthyyou@mothersandbabies.org

CHWs help with:

  • Getting health insurance or Medicaid
  • Finding a doctor
  • Family planning or birth control options
  • Free pregnancy testing sites
  • Free STD testing sites
  • Getting to appointments
  • Finding parenting information
  • Finding other services (food, clothing, housing help)

Community Health Worker Referral Form

Current living situation:
I am: (check all that apply)
I could use some help with:
Please have a Community Health Worker contact me:

Call: 607 - 772 - 0517 with questions

Pregnancy Support Program

Did you forget – or don’t always feel comfortable asking your doctor or midwife something related to pregnancy? Is there a service you might need or something to help you get ready for baby?

That’s what our Pregnancy Support Program is for!

  • We will be your phone support and your link to the community.
  • We will call you once a month to find out about how the pregnancy is going and if you have any special concerns.
  • We will connect you to places in the community that can also support you & help to meet your needs, even if they are not pregnancy related.
  • We will send you support materials and small gifts along the way.
  • We will follow you throughout your pregnancy and most importantly, we will help you to get ready for the baby once he or she arrives.

Call to register: 607-772-0517 x 122 or email: healthyyou@mothersandbabies.org

Quit Kit Smoking Cessation Program for Pregnant & Parenting Women

For pregnant women, their partners and new moms & dads trying to quit smoking, the Quit Kit program provides free, individualized counseling through phone and text support.

Our trained counseling staff help set quit goals, discuss barriers to quitting & help to address the other stressors in your life that make quitting smoking difficult.
An incentive program offers rewards like baby supplies to celebrate success. Participants do not need to be ready to quit smoking in order to begin the program.

How do I enroll?

Take these easy steps:

  • Call M&BPN to register for the program – at (607) 772-0517 or email quitkit@mothersandbabies.org
  • Review the packet that comes in the mail
    (The packet contains the Quit Kit Workbook and brochures regarding smoking and pregnancy, secondhand smoke, etc.)
  • Counseling support begins one week after the kit is mailed.
  • Be available for weekly phone calls, at a time that is convenient for you.

Healthy Babies Are Worth the Wait

Here at Mothers & Babies, we work with our prenatal care providers, hospitals and other health care providers to make certain pregnant women can get into care and have the services they need to help improve their health and their babies’ health.