Teen Pregnancy Prevention

The teen birth rate in New York declined 68% between 1991 and 2015.

Even so, in 2015 there were 8,961 births to teens. Learn more.

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Pregnancy prevention and risk reduction education is vital in providing young people with information they need to protect their health and future.  Our Education Specialists at Mothers and Babies are highly qualified to present evidence based curricula to school classes, community groups, professionals and parents.   We work closely with school officials, teachers, agency staff, and parents to positively impact young people lives in helping them make good choices-for now and in the future!


Using asset based strategies; our successes are measured by the positive feedback we receive during and after our programs from students, staff, and parents.  Our educators engage the audience vs. lecturing to them, so that greater learning can take place.

  • Personal Responsibility Education Program – PREP Project

    Funding from the New York State Department of Health and the Federal Office of Adolescent Health to foster leadership and strengthen coordination of programs at the state and local level to reduce unintended teen pregnancy, STDs, HIV/AIDS, reduce ethnic/racial disparities in sexual health outcomes, and promote optimal sexual health for young people ages 10 to 19  in NYS.  Project entails:

    * Evidence-based programming for Middle & High School youth

    * Making Proud Choices curriculum for MS

    * Be Proud, Be Responsible curriculum for HS

    * Adult prep, Life Skills education for middle and high school youth

    * This project is focused on reaching high-risk youth in schools and agencies in    Broome and Tioga


  • Life Skills: click here for brief overview

    A series of educational modules designed to assist teens with informed decision-making regarding critical life choices and self-sufficiency. Topics include: Food Rules, Health Matters, Learning Changes, Money Talks, Legal Jams, Job World, Apartment Hunt, Exploring Healthy Relationships, Dating for Real,  Sexual Assault Awareness, Clinic Visit, Anger Management, Personal Hygiene, What the Health, and Your Health Matters.  Programs are for middle and high school students.

  • Draw the Line, Respect the Line curriculum—middle school classroom presentations:

    Draw the Line/Respect the Line is a three-year, evidence-based curriculum.  It serves students in grades six, seven, and eight. Using group discussions, small group activities, and role playing, the program aims to delay the initiation of sex in order to reduce the incidence of STDs, including HIV/AIDS, and pregnancy.


    Parents Supporting Teens:

    PST is a communication series that is designed to help parents. By speaking with our facilitators and receiving information on a variety of topics, parents are empowered to begin a dialogue with their teens.   Topics of sessions include: bullying, self esteem, puberty and sexuality, peer pressure, social media, etc. Programs may be held at schools, churches, businesses and community organizations and resources can be shared through email or discussed over the phone.



    When the educators are out in the field they have resources available to provide interested youth information on local resources that can assist them in areas they have indicated.

We tailor our programming to best fit your needs. Our educators as our agency, is committed to promoting healthy decision making!
Please contact us today and ask about our programs, availability and success.