Quit Kit – Stop Smoking Program

Are you pregnant? 

Would you like to stop smoking? 

Not sure how? 

There is FREE help for you!!



The Quit Kit Program is a phone based, smoking cessation program for pregnant and parenting women & family members or anyone caring for young children. Resource materials used in this program are products of the American Lung Association.

How does it work?

Pregnant women or care givers can enroll in the program at no charge by calling Mothers & Babies Perinatal Network at 1-800-231-0744.  Our staff will complete a brief intake form on each individual.  The program packet is then mailed.


What is in the Packet?

The program packet is then mailed.  The packet contains the Quit Kit Workbook or audio cassette, and brochures about smoking and pregnancy, second hand smoke, indoor air pollution, etc.


What Happens Next?

Follow-up begins one week after the kit is mailed. M&BPN’s trained staff  will call weekly to assist you in identifying reasons for smoking, reasons to quit, setting a quit date, and tips to help break the smoking habit.



Four (4) easy steps…

1. Call M&BPN to register for the program.  1-800-231-0744 or 607-772-0517.

2. Answer a few questions (name, age, address, phone number, pregnant or not, other children, etc.)

3. Review the kit.

4. Be available for the weekly phone calls, at a time that is convenient for you.