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Health Professional Education Programs

Health Professional Education Programs are available for medical offices, local health departments, hospitals, or other agencies. M&BPN schedules periodic education programs on various perinatal health topics such as breastfeeding, substance use during pregnancy, health consequences of primary and second hand smoke, oral health for pregnant women and infants/toddlers, prematurity, postpartum depression, the benefits of folic acid supplementation for prevention of birth defects, and more.

Overview of all M&BPN Programs and Services

  • NYS Health Insurance Programs/Facilitated Enrollment
  • Quit Kit – Smoking cessation program for pregnant women and families. Information about the clinical practice guidelines and assisting your patients to stop smoking.
  • Assessing for and working with women with Postpartum Depression/Perinatal Mood Disorders
  • Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
  • Shaken Baby Syndrome
  • Oral Health During Pregnancy, Early Infancy, and Toddler Years
  • Sudden Infant Death Syndrome – assisting to reduce the risk

Reducing Infant Mortality

Safe Sleep Interactive Quiz

M&BPN would like everyone to be educated about the safest way to put babies to sleep. Click on this link to take an interactive quiz and find out if you are providing the most up to date information to the families that you work with.

Quiz (Download and Press Play)

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