Board of Directors

Officers & Executive Committee


Richard Keehle, Jr., President
Susan Seibold-Simpson, Vice President
Shari Sterling, Treasurer
Karen Roeske, Secretary


Christopher Baron

Eric Denk

Emily Dorval

Lesley Frey

Holly Brozetti Fuller

Kerry Gallagher

Clark Giblin

Maureen Hankin

Les Howard

Theresa Levine

Maire Lowery

Andrew Marietta

Karina Martinez

Karyn Palmer

Kayla Rother

Tera Stanton




To act as a voting member of the board with full authority and responsibility to develop policies, procedures and regulations for the operation of the Perinatal Network; to monitor the Network’s financial health, programs and overall performance; assist with resource and fund development and to provide the Executive Director with the resources to meet the needs of those the Network serves.

The Full Board’s Responsibilities:

‚          Establish Policy.

‚          Hire and evaluate the Executive Director.

‚          Monitor and evaluate progress of organization; assist as necessary in activities related to the organization’s goals & objectives.

‚          Actively participate in the development of the Network’s Strategic Plan

‚          Select and support the Network’s board officers.

‚          Adopt key operation policies and procedures: approve contracts as appropriate

‚          Identify and recommend new funding opportunities for the Network

‚          Engage in fund development for agency sustainability

‚          Advocacy:

* Educate lawmakers and potential funders.

* Public relations.

* Community awareness of issues and mission.

Individual Board Members Duties:

‚          Attend at least 75% of all board meetings (held 6-8 times per year, plus the Annual Dinner Meeting.

Attend/Participate in network activities, including special events and board retreats

‚          Attend Board member orientation program and take time to learn about the Network’s programs throughout tenure as a Board member.

‚           Help ensure the financial health of M&BPN

Active participation with fund development for M&BPN

Make a personal financial contribution to M&BPN annually

‚          Serve on at least one committee.

‚          Represent Network to individuals, the public and other organizations.

‚          Assume board leadership roles when asked.

‚          Advise Board Members and the Executive Director of any relevant issues.

*TIME COMMITMENT:   Approximately 3 hours per board meeting (including advance materials review and average travel); additional 8 – 16 hours per year participation in committee activities and 6-12 hours per year in fund development activities.  (Estimated annual total:  38-46)

Board member responsibility for fund development, fundraising and personal giving:

Fund raising is crucial to the survival of all nonprofit organizations, as charitable gifts are essential to their sustainability. Therefore, everyone serving on the board must be involved in raising monies in some fashion.

Board members of charitable organizations are expected to participate in fundraising in one or more ways:

 Donate

 Cultivate

 Ask for money

 Support Events

 Blow the agency’s horn

 Offer expertise- cautiously

An appeal is particularly convincing if a board member uses him or herself as an exemplary donor.

The board is responsible for providing a sound financial basis for the organization. By personally contributing, a board member recognizes this responsibility and demonstrates a commitment.

Nearly 90 percent of American households contribute to charities. Board member giving is natural and necessary. A board member should designate his or her own organization as one of the main recipients of his or her generosity.

Many foundations only contribute to organizations where every board member is a contributor.

Each M&BPN Board member is expected to provide a personal donation annually. This can be done periodically throughout the year through a planned giving commitment to the Board Annual Campaign (which has a formal budgeted goal of $5,000), or by allocating various amounts to any or all of our appeals and events scheduled throughout the year.

Each Board member is expected to promote all events as they are personally able, and be actively involved with at least 2 events, volunteering time, recruiting other volunteers (as needed), securing sponsors and inviting others to our events.

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